On our farm we produce some cereals, olives, grapes and different kinds of fruits and vegetables typical for our area.


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In the period between September and October, depending of the weather and the maturity of our grapes, starts the harvest for our wine production. Try the sweet juice of fresh squeezed grapes and the “most” – the young wine.

Harvest time: September/ October

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The harvest of our olives starts in the second half of October and in November. If you like to, you can help us with the harvest of more than 400 olive trees. The result of the olive pressing is an unrepeatable oil that you can taste with us directly at the local oil mill.

Harvest time: End of October / November

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On our farm we produce certain cereals which are sold to food makers involved in the production of flour and Pasta.
DURUM WHEAT and WHEAT are sold to two large Italian companies producing pasta and flour. BARLEY once cultivated for the animals, is nowadays used to produce beer and barley-coffee. Our OATS is sold as high-quality feed for horses and rabbits.

Harvest time: July

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Pompilia`s garden

Find different kinds of fruits and vegetables that can even be harvested by you!
January/February = Winter greens (lettuces, fennel, spinach, radishes, parsley, carrots,..)
May/June = cherries
July/August= red figs / all kind of vegetables / berries
November/December= Winter greens

Harvest time: All the year

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